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About Somerset Singles

Somerset Singles is a professional matchmaking service, which operates under New Jersey Singles. Together, we are dedicated to assisting quality singles of all walks of life find the person of their dreams. We have over 20 years matchmaking experience and over 40,000 exclusive members nationwide. Over the years, we built countless success stories by providing our members with compatible matches and working with them along the way in their journey towards finding love. We take great pride in doing everything we possibly can to provide our members the quality relationships they want and deserve.

For the past twenty years, the people behind Somerset Singles have been dedicated to perfecting both the art and science of matching successful singles. Our methodology makes sure we match together singles with similar values and interests which is the first step towards building successful relationships. In addition, we gather extensive feedback from members after each introduction so we can get to know our members better until we finally introduce you to “The One.” We recognize that no two people are alike and it is this level of personal service and deep knowledge about our clients that separates from other dating services that treat their clients like a name and a number.

With locations in Alabama, California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Portland and Texas, Somerset Singles is your ideal partner for turning your dream of finding the person of your dreams into a reality.

So take the first step and fill out our online profile or give us a call today and one of our relationship consultants will arrange a one-on-one meeting so we can get to know you better. That special someone can be just a phone call away.

"As per our conversation today Trisha and I are still seeing each other. Our first phone conversation sparked my interest and had me excited to meet. She was confident, smart and not timid about her goals in life. When I met her and saw her walk through the door I was like Damn, I better get up. She is the attractive blond I was looking for and even better she has a dynamite personality to go along with her looks. She is anything but the stereotypical blonde, she is very smart and witty. From there she handled my jokes, sarcasm and took an interest in who I am and my goals. At this point we are both very happy and find it very easy to be ourselves around each other. So thank you and we are both excited to see where it goes and only have positive thoughts in mind." -Philip